Onnuri Mongolian Communities

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
The first Mongolian Community at Onnuri Church was started in July 1996 in Seobingo Campus. It was one of the first three Mongolian communities started by Korean churches in Seoul, Korea. It marks one of the organized evangelical mission for Mongolian migrant workers and students flooding into South Korea. I am not sure about the first Korean pastor who were leading Onnuri Mongolian Community, but the first two translators or helpers were Tungaa and Altanzul. A large group of Mongolian migrant workers and students gathered together at Seobingo Campus every Sunday and started worshipping God.

It’s been 21 years since that time marking its 21-year anniversary. We witness many Korean pastors, missionaries, elders, deacons and deaconesses, and volunteers served and devoted themselves for Mongolians in Korea all these years. They visited hospitals when they are sick. They encountered their company directors when they could not get their salaries or when they needed legal help. They visited their homes for visitation and prayer. They organized camping, sport events, Mongolian national festivals, and sightseeing to help Mongolians to enjoy Korea while working and studying. Our Korean brothers and sisters’ love and sacrifice are immeasurable.

Also we have seen many Mongolian brothers and sisters devoted themselves for the ministry as well. Some of them came from Mongolia to serve fellow Mongolians in Korea. Some of them are born again in Korea and trained here to become church leaders and now serving the Lord.

Many Mongolian brothers and sister benefited both spiritually and physically. It means, many came to Onnuri Mongolian church and saved through faith in Christ. And they have been trained as a mature disciple of Christ. Many of the trained members and leaders went back to Mongolia as they have finished their season of life here in Korea and now serving the Lord in their homeland. Many got so much practical help from the church when they needed help. This kind of help is not confined to Christians only, but so many non-Christian fellow Mongolians benefited from medical ministry, helping hands, and service of Onnuri Mongolian Communities. Even though some of them have not become Christians, they speak well about Christianity. Therefore, as Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:58, our “labor is not in vain.”

Since then it grew into four Mongolian communities at different locations: Seobingo, Ansan, Pyontek, and Incheon reaching out to Mongolians in their designated regions. Currently, pastor L.Gan-Otgon is serving at Seobingo Mongolian Community and we meet every Sunday at 2:30 PM in 401, Mission Building, Onnuri Seobingo Campus. You can reach us at 010-2190-9304. Evangelist B.Berkhee is serving at Ansan Onnuri Mongolian Community and they meet every Sunday at 10:30 in Joy Hall, Ansan M Center. You can reach them at 010-8188-8545. Evangelist Ch. Dolgormaa is serving at Pyeongtaek Onnuri Mongolian Community and they meet every Sunday at 11:30 in Pyeontak M Center. You can reach them at 010-2354-6588. Evangelist 박창홍 is serving at Incheon Onnuri Mongolian Community and they meet at 2:00 PM in Incheon Onnuri Campus. You can reach them at 010-2267-9531.

Each community has different ministries during weekdays, so it is better to contact with the person in charge, so that you are able to get connected and belong to the nearest Mongolian community. That is how you will know more about Jesus Christ, will have fellowship with fellow Mongolians, and can participate various programs at Mongolian communities.

May God bless you and keep you!


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